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Our Top Story Tellers

Roll Rida

Roll Rida is an Indian rapper, songwriter and actor in Telugu language. He became popular with his YouTube rap song on Sankranthi, Patang, was a huge hit with over 17 million views. He was the first to do a rap song in Telugu language.

Pradeep Machiraju

Pradeep is a Television presenter. He is one of the most energetic and charismatic person infant of the screen. He never fails to amaze his audience with his outstanding witty sense of Humour.

Vasu Dixit

Vasu Dixit an actor, as well as a bold free-spirited artist. Through his channel he is showcasing his music videos that are something a common man can watch, connect and enjoy. His music is a unique blend of folk rock fusion in English, Hindi, and Kannada.His voice and Music speaks about his connect towards life and the celebration of it.

Kiraak Hyderabadiz

One of the top players in Hyderabadi comedy, Kiraak Hyderabdi’s Unique style of content and video is one that resonates with the masses.

Street Byte

Street Byte’s ability to spot and highlight the best places of Hyderabad’s street food spectrum is what has made them a power player in the food genre of YouTube.

Warangal Diaries

Warangal Diaries is another heavy hitter in the field of Hyderabadi comedy. Their Youthfulness and comedy is what has raised them to their level of fame.

Mahesh Raghvan

Mahesh Raghavan is a carnatic music fusion artist who is known for his experiments with classic music. He runs a YouTube fusion project called FLAIR.

Hyderabad Diaries

One of the biggest channels for Hyderabadi comedy, Hyderabadi Diaries are the pioneers in the genre which in turn has inspired many to turn their heads.

L B Sriram

LB Sriram is a well renowned Indian film actor and comedian. Through his Channel he displays thought-provoking short stories, stories about Family values, human situational behaviour, societal issues, challenges message-oriented, stories that talk for themselves. this channel is a complete package of life’s beautiful movement filled with values. And also a complete family entertainer.


Actress Ashmitha Karnani a.k.a Ashtrixx, has come to YouTube and brings her unique and quirky personality and gives tips and tricks on makeup, fitness, diets and fashion. Her honest opinion on topics and products are held high regard by her fans.